Thursday June 15, 2020

PETERBOROUGH captain Ulrich Ostergaard will go into SGB Championship KO Cup duty tomorrow (Friday) full of confidence.

Ostergaard leads the ‘T Balfe Construction’ Panthers into a quarter-final, first leg battle against Scunthorpe at the East of England Arena (7.30pm).

The Danish ace was delighted to return to top form with a paid 13-point haul as Peterborough claimed a first victory for more than a month when seeing off bottom side Berwick 54-38 in a home league clash last Sunday.

And Ostergaard, a former second tier riders’ champion, is determined to build on that improved personal display as Panthers go in search of silverware in Ged Rathbone's first season as full club owner.

“I’ve been struggling lately and had a few issues with engines,” admitted Ostergaard, who racked up another paid 13 points when guesting for Redcar on Thursday night “Everything has been great in Denmark, but it wasn’t quite going to plan for Peterborough.

“It was important to put in a big score against Berwick last Sunday and hopefully that can give my season the kick-start it needed.

“I’ve seen on social media that a few people were suggesting I should have been dropped recently, but that just makes me even hungrier to do well.

“Everyone knows how much I love this club. I could not be more proud about being the captain of Peterborough and I always give me absolute best.

“The fact Ged is a great friend and my main sponsor, as well as the promoter of the club I race for, makes it doubly disappointing when things aren’t going well.

“I hate to let him, my fellow riders and the fans down, but I’m confident I can have a good season from here.

“The next test is making sure I score another big amount of points against Scunthorpe. Having a good run in the KO Cup is very important to us.

“It’s been far too long since this club last won and trophy and this competition is a chance for us to get that piece of silverware we all want.”

Peterborough will hope to amass a commanding advantage to take to the Eddie Wright Raceway for a still to be arranged second leg.

They have drafted in Swindon and Lakeside talent Zach Wajtknecht to guest at reserve in place of injury victim Simon Lambert.

Wajtknecht impressed with a double-figures display in the British Under 21 semi-final at the East of England Arena earlier in the season.

Lambert has now undergone surgery on the double-break of the wrist suffered when being wiped out by Berwick man Jye Etheridge last weekend.

He will be replaced by new signing Richard Hall on a short-term basis from Sunday.

Scunthorpe rely on two guests of their own tomorrow night. Todd Kurtz steps in for the in-form Lewis Kerr, who is on SGB Premiership duty, while Ben Hopwood takes the place of the retired Josh Bailey at reserve.


PETERBOROUGH: Tom Bacon, Chris Harris, Jack Holder, Ulrich Ostergaard, Paul Starke, Zach Wajtknecht (guest), Bradley Wilson-Dean.

SCUNTHORPE: Tero Aarnio, Josh Auty, Ryan Douglas, Ben Hopwood (guest), Todd Kurtz (guest), Michael Palm Toft, Carl Wlkinson.

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