Tuesday April 11, 2021
PETERBOROUGH promoter Ged Rathbone is hoping for a home success of sorts in the British Under 21 Championship semi-final tonight.

The East of England Showground is the stage for the prestigious meeting, 7.30pm, in which 'T Balfe Construction' Panthers asset Danny Phillips will be among the favourites for glory.

A terrific night of racing is in prospect with competition for 10 spots in the Final likely to be stiff.

Rathbone said: "Danny is a popular figure at Peterborough even though he doesn't currently ride for us.

"He has done a hell of a lot of laps at the Showground and I know he is keen to put on a good show tonight.

"And I'm sure all of the other 15 riders on show will be just as determined to do well and make it to the final.

"I'm expected a seriously exciting night of racing - and I really hope supporters turn out in force."

Rathbone has slashed admission prices for the semi-final.

Adult entry is £10 across the board while children aged between 10 and 16 are admitted for £5. Accompanied kids under the age of 10 gain free entry.

Rathbone is also offering half-priced admission of £5 to Peterborough season-ticket holders.

Semi-final line-up: 1 Jack Smith (Belle Vue, Glasgow and Belle Vue Colts), 2 Kelsey Dugard (Eastbourne), 3 James Shanes (Poole), 4 Zach Wajtknecht (Swindon and Lakeside), 5 Luke Harris (Cradley), 6 Nathan Greaves (Wolverhampton and Isle of Wight), 7 Connor Mountain (Ipswich and Mildenhall), 8 Ellis Perks (Rye House, Redcar and Buxton), 9 Jack Thomas (Kent), 10 Josh Bailey (Kings' Lynn, Scunthorpe and King's Lynn Young Stars), 11 Jack Parkinson-Blackburn (Sheffield and Birmingham), 12 Danny Phillips (Newcastle and King's Lynn Young Stars), 13 Danno Verge (Mildenhall), 14 Nathan Stoneman (Kent), 15 Alfie Bowtell (Lakeside), 16 Danyon Hume (Ipswich and Birmingham). Reserves: 17 Joe Lawlor (Cradley), 18 Jamie Halder (unattached).

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