Thursday February 18, 2021
One of the greatest riders ever to climb aboard a speedway bike will grace Ulrich Ostergaard’s testimonial.

Danish superstar Hans Nielsen, who won 22 world titles during his glorious career, will be a star guest at the ’10 Year Spectacular’ meeting on Sunday, March 13 (2pm).

But the 56 year-old won’t just be an interested spectator . . . he’ll also be taking to the East of England Showground track to ride for what is likely to be the last time on British soil.

Nielsen will complete some demonstration laps around Alwalton to provide a legendary lining to what promises to be a memorable occasion to mark Peterborough captain Ostergaard’s long service to British speedway.

Ostergaard said: “To have Hans involved in my meeting is amazing and I’m very proud that he is prepared to come over to England for it.

“He is someone I have looked up to ever since I started to watch speedway as a child.

“He is ‘The Professor’ and was always so good and so clever on the bike.

“I was so honoured to ride in his farewell in Brovst in 1999 and be part of my hero’s final meeting.

“I also had the honour of riding with him in one Superleague meeting in Denmark that same year, which was incredible.”

Nielsen was a standing dish on the sport's biggest stages throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s.

He won four individual world titles, including the first to be staged in the Grand Prix format in 1995. His previous crowns had arrived in 1986, 1987 and 1989.

He also starred in 10 World Cup triumphs for Denmark and seven World Pairs Championships successes.

Nielsen was also a nine-time Nordic champion, six-time Danish champion and a three-time British League Riders’ champion.

Nielsen had an extensive club-racing career in England with Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Oxford and Coventry.

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