Friday January 15, 2021
JOINT team boss Carl Johnson has revealed Peterborough are homing in on the rider they want to complete their 2016 team.

Panthers still have one place remaining in their line-up for Premier League battle, but Johnson is confident that void will soon be filled.

In an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Johnson said: “We have been speaking to riders throughout the last couple of months.

“Contact is still ongoing with some of them and I feel we are very close to getting a deal done.

“We’ve said all along that it is essential we make the right decision on the right rider.

“We have chosen wisely up to now and we will do exactly the same with the remaining rider.

“We won’t rush into it and we won’t be held over a barrel, but I can assure everyone we will make the right decision for the club.”

And Johnson also believes Panthers will be rewarded for showing loyalty to members of their 2015 side which battled through to the semi-finals of the Premier League play-offs.

Captain Ulrich Ostergaard, his Danish compatriots Michael Palm Toft and Emil Grondal, and local lad Simon Lambert have been handed returns after impressing last year.

Johnson added: “It is worth emphasising again how happy we are with the six riders we’ve already signed.

“We’ve been loyal to several guys who did well for us last season and that provides continuity for the supporters at the Showground.

“Too often in this sport, fans can get attached to riders only to see them riding somewhere else the next year.

“We have rewarded people who performed well for us last season and we are confident they will continue to impress.

“The new additions – Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Tom Perry - also look good.”

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