Tuesday December 15, 2020
PETERBOROUGH chief Ged Rathbone has issued a 'get well soon' message to former Panthers star Gary Havelock.

The 1992 world champion has been rushed back into hospital after complications following a complex muscle graft operation recently.

Havelock, now 47, broke 14 bones and suffered nerve damage in his left arm in a career-ending crash while racing for Redcar in 2012.

Rathbone has become a close friend of fellow Middlesbrough man Havelock in recent years and they were five-a-side football team-mates.

Rathbone said: "Gary was a terrific rider and is now a very astute team manager.

"It just highlights again how speedway riders put their bodies on the line every time they take to the track.

"We all know the dangers of this sport and Gary and his family are still suffering four years on.

"Everyone connected to Peterborough Speedway wishes him a speedy recovery and I'm sure our supporters will echo those sentiments."

Havelock was a popular figure with Peterborough fans during a two-year stint in red and black in the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

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