Wednesday December 02, 2020
SIMON Lambert has clinched a new deal at Peterborough with a challenge from promoter Ged Rathbone ringing in his ears.

The local lad has been rewarded for a sensational 2015 campaign with a return to the East of England Showground next season.

He will slot into the main body of the Panthers side on a 5.19 average after a spectacular rise last term when he boosted his starting figure of 3.73 thanks to a series of spectacular, high-scoring displays.

Now Rathbone wants to the 26 year-old to perform well enough to ensure he doesn't drop back into a reserve role.

"How could we possibly ignore Simon after he had the best season of his career in Peterborough colours?" said promoter Rathbone.

"He was absolutely fantastic last year when only a serious injury prevented him being even more successful.

"Simon missed a month at a key stage in the season and came back to ride through the pain of a broken shoulder to help us into the play-offs.

"Despite that injury he showed enough to suggest he can become a solid second string in the Premier League and that should be the least he achieves in 2016.

"Rather than worrying about returning to reserve, I want him to continue to push on and challenge to become a heat leader.

"There is no doubt in my mind he can do that if he can make his scoring that little bit more consistent by cutting out the last places."

The return of Lambert means six pieces of the Panthers jigsaw are now in place.

He joins captain Ulrich Ostergaard, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, Michael Palm Toft, Emil Grondal and Tom Perry as confirmed starters next year.

Those captures leave Panthers bosses with 8.45 points of their 42.50 team-building limit available for their final rider.

Lambert is not the only member of his family who will be part of the Peterborough set-up next season . . . father Stephen has taken on a commercial role with the club.

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