Wednesday November 18, 2020
PETERBOROUGH chief Ged Rathbone is delighted to confirm his four-man management team will remain in place for 2016.

Rathbone and fellow Readypower Panthers promoter Trevor Swales will again be joined at the helm by joint team bosses Carl Johnson and Dale Allitt.

They worked successfully last season as Peterborough stormed into the semi-finals of the Premier League play-offs despite being hit by a catalogue of serious injuries and attracted improved attendances in the process.

The quartet are already plotting an even more successful campaign next year with four members of their team – captain Ulrich Ostergaard, the returning Michael Palm Toft, and new recruits Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Tom Perry – already in place.

Rathbone said: “Keeping the management team together was one of my big priorities this winter and I’m very pleased to say everyone is back on board.

“Myself and Trevor have worked very hard since the end of the 2014 season to not only ensure the club survived, but also to try to make it successful.

“Dale does have increased commitments at King’s Lynn next year, but he is confident he can also continue in his role here at Peterborough.

“Dale made a big difference to the management team after coming in early last season. He and Carl work very well together at meetings and Dale also puts in a lot of unseen work behind the scenes.

“Carl has a great relationship with the fans and has also worked very hard for the club since he stepped into team management back in 2014.

“There is no doubt we have a group of people who can take the club forward together.”

Rathbone is thrilled to report that sports therapist Lauren Wood will also be back for a second season in the Panthers fold.

Locally-based Wood, who also works for Peterborough United and Cambridge City football clubs, was a valued figure in 2015.

Rathbone added: “We are striving to make the club as professional as we can and having Lauren on board is a big part of that.

“She was a vital member of the team when working hard to keep riders on track during a very difficult season with so many injuries.

“She is very highly-regarded in her field and we will ensure we again make full use of her expertise in 2016.”

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