Wednesday October 14, 2020
PETERBOROUGH have been forced to abandon plans to stage a final meeting of the 2015 season.

Readypower Panthers chiefs were keen to bring the curtain down on a memorable campaign with one more fixture at the East of England Showground.

But promoter Ged Rathbone confirmed to those gathered at a well-attended fans’ forum last night (Tuesday) that is not now possible.

Rathbone admitted: “We were very keen to put one last meeting to show our appreciation to the supporters for the terrific backing they have given us throughout 2015.

“But we have found during the last few days that rider availability is virtually non-existent at this time of the year.

“Many riders who are based overseas have returned home and a lot of others are already in the process of selling machinery. Others simply aren't interested in riding so late in the season.

"Even two of our own riders – Emil Grondal and Anders Thomsen – would have been struggling as their equipment has already gone to Australia for the World Under 21 Team Cup Final.

“It was essential that we attracted a good field because we are not going to put on a sub-standard meeting just for the sake of it.

“Unfortunately we have called an end to the season as a result, but I’m sure it will be remembered as a very good one.”

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