Sunday May 14, 2017
PETERBOROUGH promoter Ged Rathbone has issued a public thank-you to the generous supporters at the East of England Arena last night.

A collection for seriously injured 'T Balfe Construction' Panthers asset Danny Phillips was carried out by riders of both teams during the interval of a 47-43 defeat to his current club, Newcastle, in the SGB Championship.

The collection raised £1,360 and Rathbone has now rounded that figure up to £1,500 to support a rider who has suffered a badly broken femur and broken back in a recent track crash.

"I really can't thank everyone who contributed to the collection enough," said Rathbone. "The riders were all prepared to go out into the crowd during an important meeting and the fans gave so generously.

"It just highlights again what a wonderful family we have in the sport of speedway."
Rathbone visited Phillips in Addenbrooke's Hopsital, in Cambridge, on Friday along with Newcastle promoter George English.

The 20 year-old has undergone a lengthy operation on his injured leg, but surgeons have so far opted to allow the break in his back to heal naturally.

"Danny is in great spirits," continued Rathbone. "We had a great laugh the other day and it was good to see him so upbeat.

"He's already been up and about on crutches even though he won't be able to put any weight on the injured leg for at least six weeks.

"He knows he has a long road ahead, but he is already looking forward to being back on a bike again."

Phillips is expected to remain in Addenbrooke's Hospital for the next few days before hopefully return to his native Teesside towards the end of this week.

He is in Ward C8 and would be delighted to receive any visitors from the speedway community.

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