Saturday January 14, 2017
PETERBOROUGH number one Jack Holder hit the deck twice during the final round of the Australian Championship.

The new 'T Balfe Construction' Panthers man was excluded after taking a tumble while leading heat 15 at Kurri Kurri earlier today.
And the former Plymouth man also came down again in his final ride, in heat 18, but managed to clear the track.
Holder could only register three points - all of which arrived in a heat 11 triumph - to take his overall tally from the four-round series to 26.
That left him ninth in the final standings with Wolverhampton and Edinburgh man Sam Masters being crowned the new Australian champion.

Fourth round (at Kurri Kurri): Brady Kurtz 17, Sam Masters 15, Troy Batchelor 14, Nick Morris 12, Rohan Tungate 11, Davey Watt 11, Justin Sedgmen 9, Max Fricke 8, Mason Campton 8, Ty Proctor 6, Todd Kurtz 6, Jaimon Lidsey 4, Jack Holder 3, Jordan Stewart 2, Josh Pickering 2, Cooper Riordan 2.

FINAL STANDING: Sam Masters 58, Justin Sedgmen 55, Davey Watt 50, Troy Batchelor 49, Max Fricke 47, Nick Morris 43, Brady Kurtz 42, Rohan Tungate 30, Jack Holder 26, Ty Proctor 22, Jaimon Lidsey, 20, Mason Campton 20, Todd Kurtz 17, Josh Pickering 17, Jordan Stewart 15, Cooper Riordan 9.

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